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Xiaomi Redmi Mobile Tips and Tricks

  • Scrolling screenshot
Rather than taking multiple screenshots you can take a continuous screenshot for example a full WhatsApp conversation can be taking in a single screenshot.
To take a scrolling screenshot: after taking screenshot open it while its previewed and you will find scroll button below and click that. (Note:Scroll option wont work for all) 
    • Second Space (One phone and Two accounts)
    You can now run two different accounts on the same Mi phone. With Second Space, you can create a whole separate partition within your Mi device, and both accounts will have separate emails, apps, photos and passwords.
    Everything on the First Space will be separate from Second Space.
    To activate: Go to settings and search for Second Space, then tap it to turn it on and be transferred to the other zone on your smartphone. Switching between spaces will also require a password keep each Space’s user from accessing the other user's data.
    To go back to your first zone, simply swipe down on the notification bar, and there should be a floating notification that says First Space. Tap on that, and you will be back in your original zone.
    • Dual Apps(Multiple apps in same mobile)
    You can now clone your apps to get two Facebook,WhatsApp,Messenger and many more applications you wish on the same smartphone.
    This feature is most useful for users, who wish to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same device. If you have multiple Facebook accounts, Dual Apps will be a awesome feature for you to use.
    There are third party apps in the Google Play Store like Parallel Space that allow you to do this but none of these apps runs as seamlessly as the one that's built into your Xiaomi device.

    To activate: Go to your settings and search Dual Apps. Tap on that, and you will be able to enable it for whichever apps you select.

    • Quick Ball (For quick access)
    If you are using the Mi Max, you'll know that sometimes it's simply impossible to touch the other end of the screen just by using one hand. So what you might want to do is employ the Quick Ball function This thoughtful feature makes one-handed navigation so much easier.
    You can even toggle for it to disappear on the apps which you want, like when watching a movie on a certain app

    To activate: Go to settings > Additional settings > Quick Ball. Turn it on, and you will see a translucent ball appear on your screen.
    • Child Mode
    You don’t have to worry about the data getting deleted, or send messages to others,or calling someone. Just activate Child mode.

    Go into Settings, then turn Child mode on and pick only the apps you want the kids to be able to access. When it’s enabled, they’ll only see the selected apps.
    • Private Messaging
    In mi, there is an option of private messaging i.e hidden from general user. when you open your Message app. You can see and read all message. But there is an option of private message also.
    Just drag down your message screen. A private message screen will get open. Now tap to Private Messaging Settings, Now you can add your Private Messaging contacts here. You can also set lock to your Private Messages.
    Next time when you receive message from these contacts, they will directly moved to your private messages screen and will not appear into your general messaging screen.
    To view your private message simply drag down your message screen. Your private message screen will appear.
    • Guest Mode:
    There is an inbuilt Guest mode option in Redmi, You can enable it from your toggles bar. You can even set password on it. When you enables guest mode all you apps data like contacts, Call Log, messages, Gallery will get hidden. When any user open these apps, they will find it blank.
    So it is one of the way to protect your personal data while handling your phone to someone.
    • DND (Do not Disturb):
    You can enable this mode from the toggles bar. This mode will silent your calls and messages. You can also set time for DND or also schedule it on daily basis. Like if you don’t want that any body disturb you while you sleep. Just click Recurring DND time and set the time. Now everyday this mode will enable at this time and will get off at your scheduled time.There is an option for Repeated Calls, if you receive repeated call from the same number within 3 minutes. Your phone will ring in that case.
    •  swipe 3 finger screenshot
    Now you can directly take your phone screen shots by swiping three fingers on the screen on the screen from top to down direction and also by using Screenshots option in toggle bar. Or you can take Screenshot by pressing Power+ volume Down Key simultaneously.
    • Disable Navigation button
    Enable this option from Toggle menu and all your Navigation keys get disabled.To enable again you can double tap on back button.
    • Inbuilt App Locker
    Now you don’t need to download third party app to lock your apps. You can simply enable lock for the app you want to secure.
    • Data Restriction for Individual app
    You can restrict your data for individual app. you can also decide, which app to use mobile data or WiFi. There are lots of apps like games and for those app you don’t want to waste your data. As most of these apps use your data for ad fetching. So most of your data that goes waste in ads. Now you can restrict those app to use your data.
    To use this feature, just Go to Security > Data Usage > Restrict Data usage. Now you can chose to which app you want to give Mobile data or WiFi. Simply by ticking these options for individual apps.

    • Blocklist
    There is an inbuilt Call and Message Blocker in Redmi. Now you can block the unwanted calls directly. You can add these numbers in Block list. Simply Go to Security app > Blocklist and then tap the setting icon and add the numbers you want to block.
    • Power
    In Security app there is an power option that let you switch to different mode automatically to save power when Battery is low. Like if battery is only 20% it will switch to Marathon mode and disable your mobile data reduced brightness etc. You can also schedule it when it need to change.
    You can also set, How your battery icon will look, Graphical, Percentage and Top Bar. You can select from these three options.
    • An In-Built Cleaner, Virus Scanner
    Mi comes with an integrated cleaner and virus scanner. Cleaner allows you to clean your smartphone which cleans cache and junk files. Virus Scanner scans your device to keep it clear from the virus. Both these settings can be found under Security app.
    • Built-in call recorder
    There are many third party call recorder apps on Android app store, but mi comes with built-in call recorder, which can automatically record the incoming and outgoing calls. So need not to download any third party call recorder. While on call you'll get an icon to record a call, just tap to record the conversation.
    • One-handed mode
    Xiaomi Redmi supports one-hand mode. if you find the mobile is big to use with one hand, then activate the one-handed mode.
    To activate go to Settings >> Additional Settings >> One-handed mode.
    You can just swipe on navigation panel from home button to back button.
    • Customize quick panel
    The notification panel features many shortcuts such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, data on/off, Screen rotation, and much more. You can arrange these quick settings icon as your preference.
    To activate go to Settings > Notifications & status bar > Toggle Positions and drag the icons as your convenience.
    • Reading mode
    The new Redmi comes with reading mode, that turns the display in a yellow hue for night time to help a user. So that your eyes are not strained while using the mobile.
     To activate: Settings> Display> Reading Mode.
    • Mi Remote App to Control Devices Nearby
    The Redmi comes with support for IR Blaster. Also, the MIUI has an inbuilt app called 'Mi Remote' with which you can control the devices which are connected to the smartphone. The Mi Remote can be found on the home screen.
    • Customize Notification LED
    The mi has a LED Notification and with the MIUI 7, you can customize the notification light settings.
    For notifications,calls,messages different colours.
    The Notification light settings can be found under Settings > Additional Settings > Notification light.

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    India vs pakistan ICC Champions Trophy Facts

    • India and Pakistan have played 4 matches so far in the ICC Champions Trophy  and  both the sides  winning twice each.
    • This is India's record fourth Champions Trophy final while it's Pakistan's first.
    • India and Pakistan have reached to the final of Champions Trophy together for the first time.
    • The ICC estimates that the match will be watched by 324M worldwide. 

    • This is for the second time that India is facing Pakistan in the final of an ICC event. Earlier, both the sides had locked horns in the final of 2007 T20 World Cup.
    • India and Australia are the only two teams to have won ICC Champions Trophy twice.
    • This is the first time Pakistan has made it to a Champions Trophy final. Team Pakistan has previously reached the semi-finals of Champions Trophy three times but were never able to advance to the finals on any occasion.
    • Overall, Pakistan has won two ICC championships – World Cup in 1992 and World Twenty20 in 2009. India has won five ICC titles, including two World Cups (1983 and 2015) and the World Twenty20 in 2007, apart from winning the Champions Trophy twice.
    • The last time Pakistan beat India in a Champions Trophy match was in 2009. Since then, Pakistan have met India seven times at ICC events and India has won every time.
    • India and Pakistan have played 124 ODIs in ICC history, with Pakistan winning 72 and India winning 52. The two teams haven't played a bilateral series since 2012-13, and since then, have only faced off at ICC tournaments.
    • India leads Pakistan 2-1 in the last three times both teams met in an ODI – India winning the Champions Trophy qualifier on June 4, 2017 played at Birmingham, as well as the ICC World Cup qualifier played in Adelaide on Feb 15, 2015. Pakistan beat India in the Asia Cup match played at Dhaka on March 2, 2014.
    • India has a perfect record of beating Pakistan in ICC World Cup matches, in all formats of the game.
    • Champions Trophy has been held eight times, including the current edition. The next one is scheduled to be played in India in 2021
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    Live Smart With Keyboard Shortcuts

    Live Smart With Keyboard Shortcuts

    (Few Shortcuts works for version windows 7 and above )

    Clip Board Related Shortcuts (Like MS Office)

     Ctrl + C                                 =>  Copy
     Ctrl + X                                 =>  Cut
     Ctrl + V                                 =>  Paste
     Ctrl + Z                                 =>  Undo
     Ctrl + Y                                 =>  Redo
     Ctrl + A                                 =>  Select All
     Ctrl + B                                 =>  Bold
     Ctrl + I                                  =>  Italic  
     Ctrl + U                                 =>  Underline
     F2                                          =>  Rename Cell (MS Excel)
     Ctrl + F                                 => Find
     Ctrl + R                                 => Find & Replace 
     Ctrl + G                                 => Goto

    File and Folder Operations

     Ctrl  + S                                =>  Save 
     Ctrl  + O                               =>  Open
     Ctrl  + N                               =>  New
     Ctrl  + P                               =>  Print  
     F2                                        =>  Rename (File or Folder)
     Ctrl + Shift + N                   =>  New Folder
     Alt + Enter                           => File Properties
     Shift + Delete                       => Permanent Delete
     Win + E                                => File Explorer (My Computer)

    Other Operations

     Win + T               => Switch between Running Tasks(Shows in Taskbar) 
     Alt  +  Tab           => Switch between Running Tasks
     Win + D              =>  Desktop
     Win + B              =>  Focus Taskbar
     Win + R              => Run Command
     Win + U              => Ease of Access Center(Control Panel)
     Win + P               => Projection options
     Win + X               =>  List of Few Important System Applications
     Win + M              => Minimize Window
     Win + Shift + M  => Re maximize to last Window size 
     Win + ↑                => Maximize 
     Win + ↓                => Minimize
     Win + L               => Lock or Logout current User
     Window + '+'      => Magnify
     Window + '-'       => Demagnify

    Important System Shortcuts

    Alt + F4                   => Close Active Window
    F1                            => Help
    Ctrl + Shift + Esc    => Task Manager
    Ctrl + Alt + Del        =>  Task Manager (Few options available)
    Win + PrintScreen   =>  Screenshot
    Win + Pause/Break  =>  System Properties
     F11                          => Full Screen

    Browser Shortcuts

     Ctrl + J                  => Downloads
     Ctrl + H                 => History
     Ctrl + Shift + N     => New Incognito Tab
     Ctrl + T                  => New Tab
     Ctrl + W                 => Close Current Tab
     Ctrl + Shift + T      => Reopen Closed Tab
     Ctrl + R                  => Reload
     F5                           => Reload 
     F3                           => Find
     Ctrl + E                   =>  Google Search
     F6                           =>  Focus URL Bar
     Ctrl + Tab                =>  Shift Tab Forward
     Ctrl + Shift + Tab    =>  Shift Tab Backward
     Ctrl + Num             =>  Shift to Num Tab (Ex: Ctrl + 6 => Takes to 6th active tab)
     Ctrl + Shift + Del  =>  Clear Browser History
     Ctrl + D                 =>  Add Bookmark
     Ctrl + N                 =>  New Window

    Most Used Run Commands

    notepad                                   => Notepad
    winword                                  => MS Word
    excel                                        => MS Excel
    mspaint                                   => MS Paint
    powerpnt                                 => MS Powerpoint
    appwiz.cpl                               => Uninstall a program
    cmd                                         => Command Prompt
    regedit                                     => Registry Editor
    diskmgmt.msc                         => Disk Management 
    devmgmt.msc                          => Device Manager
    control                                     => Control Panel

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    Top 5 Fastest Sports Bikes


    1 - Dodge Tomahawk (480 to 680 km/h)

    Name                 - Dodge Tomahawk
    Engine               - 506.5cu in(20-valve) 
    Power                - 370kW @5600 rpm
    Torque              - 712 N-m
    Brakes               - Front: 2×16 piston discs
                              Rear : 8 piston disc
    Fuel capacity    - 12.7 ltrs

    2 - MTT 420RR (440 km/h)

    Name                  - MTT Turbine Superbike Y2K
    Engine               - Rolls Royce Allison – 250-C20 Series Gas                                        Turbine
    Power                 - 420bhp  @52,000rpm
    Torque                - 678 NM @ 2,000-rpm
    Brakes                - Disc
    Fuel capacity     - 34 ltrs

    3 - Kawasaki Ninja H2R (311 to 400 km/h)

    Name               - Kawasaki Ninja H2R
    Engine             - 998 cc supercharged DOHC inline-4 engine
    Power              - 310hp @14000rpm
    Torque             - 156Nm @12500rpm
    Brakes             - Front - 2*330mm 4 piston
                Rear  - 250mm 2 piston
    Fuel capacity  - 17 ltrs

    4 - Suzuki Hayabusa (303 to 312 km/h)

    Name               - Suzuki Hayabusa
    Engine             - 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, 1340 CC
    Power              - 197 bhp 9,500rpm
    Torque            - 155 Nm @7,200rpm
    Brakes             - Front and Rear Disc
    Fuel capacity  - 21 ltrs

    5 - Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R (335 km/h)

    Name               - Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R
    Engine             - 4 Cylinders,1441 cc
    Power              - 197.3 Bhp @ 10000 rpm
    Torque             - 158.2 Nm @ 7500 rpm
    Brakes             - Front - 2*310 mm 4 piston, 4 pad 
                              Rear  - 250 mm 2 piston

    Fuel capacity  - 22 ltrs

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