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Latest List of banned chinese apps and games


 India’s IT ministry took step towards banning of 118 Chinese apps . Before on June popular apps like TikTok, share it, UC browser, We chat and many totally 59 apps got banned.  This time even the most popular games like PUBG, LifeAfter, Ludo All Star- Play Online Ludo Game and many more games have been banned check out the list of apps and games given below .

List of the 118 Chinese apps and games banned by the government

  1.  APUS Launcher Pro- Theme, Live Wallpapers, Smart
  2. APUS Launcher -Theme, Call Show, Wallpaper, HideApps
  3. APUS Security -Antivirus, Phone security, Cleaner
  4. APUS Turbo Cleaner 2020- Junk Cleaner, Anti-Virus
  5. APUS Flashlight-Free & Bright
  6. Cut Cut – Cut Out & Photo Background Editor
  7. Baidu
  8. Baidu Express Edition
  9. FaceU - Inspire your Beauty
  10. ShareSave by Xiaomi: Latest gadgets, amazing deals
  11. CamCard - Business Card Reader
  12. CamCard Business
  13. CamCard for Salesforce
  14. CamOCR
  15. InNote
  16. VooV Meeting - Tencent Video Conferencing
  17. Super Clean - Master of Cleaner, Phone Booster
  18. WeChat reading
  19. Government WeChat
  20. Small Q brush
  21. Tencent Weiyun
  22. Pitu
  23. WeChat Work
  24. Cyber Hunter
  25. Cyber Hunter Lite
  26. Knives Out-No rules, just fight!
  27. Super Mecha Champions
  28. LifeAfter
  29. Dawn of Isles
  30. Ludo World-Ludo Superstar
  31. Chess Rush
  32. PUBG MOBILE Nordic Map: Livik
  34. Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade
  35. Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon
  36. Dank Tanks
  37. Warpath
  38. Game of Sultans
  39. Gallery Vault - Hide Pictures And Videos
  40. Smart AppLock (App Protect)
  41. Message Lock (SMS Lock)-Gallery Vault Developer Team
  42. Hide App-Hide Application Icon
  43. AppLock
  44. AppLock Lite
  45. Dual Space - Multiple Accounts & App Cloner
  46. ZAKZAK Pro - Live chat & video chat online
  47. ZAKZAK LIVE: live-streaming & video chat app
  48. Music - Mp3 Player
  49. Music Player - Audio Player & 10 Bands Equalizer
  50. HD Camera Selfie Beauty Camera
  51. Cleaner - Phone Booster
  52. Web Browser & Fast Explorer
  53. Video Player All Format for Android
  54. Photo Gallery HD & Editor
  55. Photo Gallery & Album
  56. Music Player - Bass Booster - Free Download
  57. HD Camera - Beauty Cam with Filters & Panorama
  58. HD Camera Pro & Selfie Camera
  59. Music Player - MP3 Player & 10 Bands Equalizer
  60. Gallery HD
  61. Web Browser - Fast, Privacy & Light Web Explorer
  62. Web Browser - Secure Explorer
  63. Music player - Audio Player
  64. Video Player - All Format HD Video Player
  65. Lamour Love All Over The World
  66. Amour- video chat & call all over the world.
  67. MV Master - Make Your Status Video & Community
  68. MV Master - Best Video Maker & Photo Video Editor
  69. APUS Message Center-Intelligent management
  70. LivU Meet new people & Video chat with strangers
  71. Carrom Friends : Carrom Board & Pool Game-
  72. Ludo All Star- Play Online Ludo Game & Board Games
  73. Bike Racing : Moto Traffic Rider Bike Racing Games
  74. Rangers Of Oblivion : Online Action MMO RPG Game
  75. Z Camera - Photo Editor, Beauty Selfie, Collage
  76. GO SMS Pro - Messenger, Free Themes, Emoji
  77. U-Dictionary: Oxford Dictionary Free Now Translate
  78. Ulike - Define your selfie in trendy style
  79. Tantan - Date For Real
  80. MICO Chat: New Friends Banaen aur Live Chat karen
  81. Kitty Live - Live Streaming & Video Live Chat
  82. Malay Social Dating App to Date & Meet Singles
  83. Alipay
  84. AlipayHK
  85. Mobile Taobao
  86. Youku
  87. Road of Kings- Endless Glory
  88. Sina News
  89. Netease News
  90. Penguin FM
  91. Murderous Pursuits
  92. Tencent Watchlist (Tencent Technology
  93. Learn Chinese AI-Super Chinese
  94. HUYA LIVE – Game Live Stream
  95. Little Q Album
  96. Fighting Landlords - Free and happy Fighting Landlords
  97. Hi Meitu
  98. Mobile Legends: Pocket
  99. VPN for TikTok
  100. VPN for TikTok
  101. Penguin E-sports Live assistant
  102. Buy Cars-offer everything you need, special offers and low prices
  103. iPick
  104. Beauty Camera Plus - Sweet Camera & Face Selfie
  105. Parallel Space Lite - Dual App
  106. Chief Almighty: First Thunder BC
  107. MARVEL Super War NetEase Games
  108. AFK Arena
  109. Creative Destruction NetEase Games
  110. Crusaders of Light NetEase Games
  111. Mafia City Yotta Games
  112. Onmyoji NetEase Games
  113. Ride Out Heroes NetEase Games
  114. Yimeng Jianghu-Chu Liuxiang has been fully upgraded
  115. Legend: Rising Empire NetEase Games
  116. Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Games
  117. Soul Hunters
  118. Rules of Survival

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Saturday, April 18, 2020

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Get Rid of Acne with Healthy Foods

Trying to get rid of acne? Adapt to this healthy food habit and maintain a well-balanced diet which makes you get rid of acne and also helps you prevent it happen again

Eat Fresh fruits and Vegetables
Eating fresh fruits and vegetables not only gets rid of acne but also keeps your body in fit and healthy state.
If you are able to eat raw fruits and vegetables that’s healthier since it won’t be cooked there won’t be any loss in vitamins so you get vitamins.

Drink Green tea
Drinking green tea has more benefits it slows down the skin aging helps in the UV damage and it has antioxidants which is good for health and it fights against bacteria.

Brown Rice
Brown rice is very good for health and for your skin it gives your more vitamins and minerals.

Sweet Potato
Consuming sweet potato makes your skin soft and young it also helps tighten your skin and gives you glowing skin it contains vita -C and E which is essential for skin.

Fatty Fish
Salmon, mackerel, sardines, oysters which contains omega 3 fatty acids and has high amount of zinc which is very useful for the skin.
Consume more zinc and avoid iodine supplements as much as you can.

It has an antibacterial property which helps to treat acne it helps to close pores and results in the smooth skin, but if you have a sensitive skin this might cause irritation so you may need to avoid this if you have sensitive skin.

Spinach and kale
Spinach helps fight against all types of skin problem as it contains Vita-C, A and E and antioxidant it is very good for your skin
kale having Vita- E ,Beta-carotene which is present in kale which gets converted to Vita-A by the body which is important for the skin and helps in clear skin.

Walnuts, Almonds
They have high amount of zinc Vita-A, C and E which are very needed for the skin which helps skin in all the ways which makes it smooth and glowing which prevents acne.

Beans, Peas
It makes your skin look young and slows aging your skin and makes your skin glowing which also fights against the damage your skin gets.

They are good source of vita-E which also helps to protect your skin from damage.

Feel free to share which worked for you. :)
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Friday, March 6, 2020

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Pubg tricks and tips


Playing pubg? Then you might need to look into this tips and tricks so you can play better and get the chicken dinner.
Here are the some tricks and tips which you should know before you play.

  • Use peak
Using peak gives you an advantage in the game while you peak only little portion of your body gets  visible so you gain advantage while engaged in a fight, don't use peak while enemies are waiting for you aiming and also don't peak from the same window/location keep changing your location so that the enemy doesn't expect it. 
  • Adjust sensitivity
Adjust sensitivity in the settings menu you can move fast and freely if you set the sensitivity to high the it will be better than the default one set at the starting.
  • Use smoke while looting
Don't loot in the open space freely there might be a chance of getting hit who might be waiting for the right movement throw a smoke grenade and then loot the boxes and don't stay still while looting keep moving while looting so that enemy might miss headshot 
  • Use claw finger mode
Using still default controls with limited options, try claw finger controls which is very useful you can jump,move,aim and shoot at a time which is very effective in a close combat. Give it a try!!
  • Run zigzag while being shot 
Being shot while running? don't run in a straight line the chances of you being dead is pretty much high run in a zig zag pattern and jump you can avoid many hits and take cover. 
  • Exchange gun for extra ammo
if you are out of ammo you can exchange the gun for extra 30 ammo well the gun should be using the same type of ammo which you exchange. 
  • Use smoke while reviving
If your teammate is knocked out use a smoke grenade to revive so that enemy can't hit you while being revived especially in an open area.
  • Don't keep bullets more than 140
Don't load the backpack with lots of ammo keep only as much as necessary most of the time you won't be using all the ammo you carry. you can always kill an enemy and loot from him. 
  • Use angles to pinpoint locations
Spotted and enemy? or a car?  use angles when you communicate with your group so that find soon easily.
  • Set auto pick
This is the best thing you need not to pick everything manually you can set auto pick up in the settings set how much you need to pick and what to pick, it automatically picks everything it saves time and you can pick first before someone picks it up
  • Use a good headphone 
Using a good headphone or earphone is very useful you can hear the footprints and vehicle sound and which side the enemy is and get alert 
  • Drive zigzag while shooting
Drive in a zig zag pattern so that you don't get exploded with the vehicle when being shot.
  • Throw grenade holding it for few seconds 
Don't throw grenade instantly wait for 3 seconds and then throw the grenade so that the enemy doesn't get enough time to run away from the grenade after thrown
  • Play along the edges 
Don't be in the center of the zone which makes all the enemies aim and kill you playing zone to zone is good where you lie at the edge of the circle and also you can kill the enemies rushing towards zone.
  • Use weapon attachments
Use attachments for the weapons it helps you control the weapon recoil and also hide yourself using suppressor hides your location using flash hider and compensator helps hiding the flash and controls recoil.
  • Run faster
When you are running from blue zone or running for zone first use some energy drinks and painkillers and then run it makes you run faster and also removing the guns from the hands makes you run faster.
  • Don't save everything for last
Don't save the best things for the last if you have a medkit and health is low use medkit rather than bandages and saving it for the last you may die ending up not using it at all so better to use it when it is necessary than saving it last.
  • Use stun grenade
Using stun grenade is very using when the enemies are waiting for you, throwing at them blinds them for a few seconds which gives a chance to escape or kill them while they can't see.
  • Change graphics 
If the game gets choppy or device gets hot you can set the graphics option to smooth and frame rate to high or extreme so that game doesn't get choppy or lag.
  • Use voice chat
Try to use voice chat so that the communication will be quick and good and easily understandable by all in the group if there is more noise around, you can use push to talk whenever you need to talk.
  • Have patience
Sometimes its better to wait and then attack than rushing in as soon as you see some enemies have patience and know how many enemies are there then rush.
  • Use grenade before rushing
Going to rush in a home? before rushing throw some grenades the explosion may make them knocked out else gets their health reduced and then rush you get a better chance of killing them.
  • Don't keep you backup full
Don't stuff your backpack with everything you use and don't use have some space always for the important thing to pick up now and then
  • Shoot when you are in range
Don't shoot at enemy if he is far away if you can't take clear shot at him down don't shoot.
  • Focus on the enemy alive 
while fighting a squad don't focus on the ones knocked out focus on the enemy who is alive and shooting at you but kill the knocked enemies before they get revived

Happy Gaming!!!
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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

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Get free money just by playing games

Hi everyone wanna know how you can get free cash just by playing game and also  money keeps growing as time passes go through the post and you will know how you can make cash easily you just need to go and collect the money which has been grown from your money tree. Yep! Its right its the money tree which keeps giving you money you just need to collect it and ya you need to water it though it needs to grow right. Well ill tell you how to get.

First you need to install this app named Hago at present there is a event going on "Hago Money Plant" you can download the app from app store.

 After installing sign up join the event and start growing your money Plant collect the money don't forget to water it the more you grow the plant the higher the money.
 Collect it sooner if you leave it for too long someone might collect it.
There are many events going on.Use invitation code(1Z27MSG) for the Money Tree Event 

You can play games for clearing your boredom there are many games available  board games, shooting, multiplayer etc wide range of games are available to choose and play.

After you grow the tree and collect the money you can withdraw from the withdraw menu the amount is withdrawn to the paytm you should have paytm account to withdraw the money.

Disclaimer :- All Logos and trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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