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Get Rid of Acne with Healthy Foods

Trying to get rid of acne? Adapt to this healthy food habit and maintain a well-balanced diet which makes you get rid of acne and also helps you prevent it happen again

Eat Fresh fruits and Vegetables
Eating fresh fruits and vegetables not only gets rid of acne but also keeps your body in fit and healthy state.
If you are able to eat raw fruits and vegetables that’s healthier since it won’t be cooked there won’t be any loss in vitamins so you get vitamins.

Drink Green tea
Drinking green tea has more benefits it slows down the skin aging helps in the UV damage and it has antioxidants which is good for health and it fights against bacteria.

Brown Rice
Brown rice is very good for health and for your skin it gives your more vitamins and minerals.

Sweet Potato
Consuming sweet potato makes your skin soft and young it also helps tighten your skin and gives you glowing skin it contains vita -C and E which is essential for skin.

Fatty Fish
Salmon, mackerel, sardines, oysters which contains omega 3 fatty acids and has high amount of zinc which is very useful for the skin.
Consume more zinc and avoid iodine supplements as much as you can.

It has an antibacterial property which helps to treat acne it helps to close pores and results in the smooth skin, but if you have a sensitive skin this might cause irritation so you may need to avoid this if you have sensitive skin.

Spinach and kale
Spinach helps fight against all types of skin problem as it contains Vita-C, A and E and antioxidant it is very good for your skin
kale having Vita- E ,Beta-carotene which is present in kale which gets converted to Vita-A by the body which is important for the skin and helps in clear skin.

Walnuts, Almonds
They have high amount of zinc Vita-A, C and E which are very needed for the skin which helps skin in all the ways which makes it smooth and glowing which prevents acne.

Beans, Peas
It makes your skin look young and slows aging your skin and makes your skin glowing which also fights against the damage your skin gets.

They are good source of vita-E which also helps to protect your skin from damage.

Feel free to share which worked for you. :)
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