Wednesday, February 26, 2020

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Get free money just by playing games

Hi everyone wanna know how you can get free cash just by playing game and also  money keeps growing as time passes go through the post and you will know how you can make cash easily you just need to go and collect the money which has been grown from your money tree. Yep! Its right its the money tree which keeps giving you money you just need to collect it and ya you need to water it though it needs to grow right. Well ill tell you how to get.

First you need to install this app named Hago at present there is a event going on "Hago Money Plant" you can download the app from app store.

 After installing sign up join the event and start growing your money Plant collect the money don't forget to water it the more you grow the plant the higher the money.
 Collect it sooner if you leave it for too long someone might collect it.
There are many events going on.Use invitation code(1Z27MSG) for the Money Tree Event 

You can play games for clearing your boredom there are many games available  board games, shooting, multiplayer etc wide range of games are available to choose and play.

After you grow the tree and collect the money you can withdraw from the withdraw menu the amount is withdrawn to the paytm you should have paytm account to withdraw the money.

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