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Must have root apps for Android

Xposed Framework is one of the best root apps for Android which can be used to customize the phone to the fullest without installing custom ROMs. There are several modules for performance tweaks and UI customization, new features. You can browse inside it and find modules the suites your wants, from customizing your androids looks, getting extra tweaks and more.

BusyBox is a free utility app developed for Android that provides users a standard Unix tool and GNU Core Utilities.BusyBox is designed to be a small executable for use with the Linux Kernel

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SuperSU is a 'superuser' privilege administration tool that allows you to administer the privileges enjoyed by all of the apps you have installed. Basically, it gives you total control over your Android device.Even though doesn't do anything in particular alone, it will give you access to many benefits from third-party apps.

Root Browser is a file management tool aimed only at users of 'rooted' Androids. The reason is that the app grants access to many features that you can't use without superuser privileges.
Other interesting options that Root Browser provides include the possibility to choose the attributes of any file (read, write, run) or compress multiple documents into a single file. In addition, you can search for content from any APK or ZIP file.
Root Browser is a fantastic file browser that's very useful for anyone with a rooted device. It offers everything a good Android file explorer should, along with a bunch of extra features.

Backing up the data on your phone is significant because no one can predict a terrible moment for it. If you are a serious smartphone user and there are tons of data on your phone for sure including files, contacts, then Titanium Backup is best app for your rooted device.
Titanium backup is one of the top rooted apps for Android that allows you to remove bloatware and it can be used for taking backups of applications and app data as well. There are two versions of the same app available on the Google Play Store, one is free and the other one is paid.The free version has all of your basic needs when it comes to backing up, with the PRO version of this you can unlock a lot of extra feature. Other than that this application really does the trick when you want to back up your applications.

Access your Android's built-in Linux command line shell. Unleash your inner geek!
It is useful for accessing the Linux command line shell that is built into every Android phone. This lets you run various Linux command line utilities.

SetCPU is a tool for changing the CPU frequency to the way you like. It can improve your performance, battery or you can improve both of them. it really does save battery and it increases the android performance by using some set profiles.

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Greenify shows the apps running in the background and how many times it wakes up your device. It also gives you an option to hibernate the background running apps to save battery life. Using this app, you can save both RAM and battery juice simultaneously this app can save your battery life by hibernating those battery draining applications with one simple click, or you can just put the app into Auto-Hibernation mode.

  • viper4android
You can control the playback through phone speakers, headset, Bluetooth device or any other audio equipment you connect to the phone.
Viper4Android is your Android audio lab. It comes with an audio driver by itself, which adds beauty to the sound you hear through the phone. Tons of additional effects and bass boost are there using which you can explore the new horizons of audio hearing. this is an app for rooted phones,

Lucky Patcher is undoubtedly one of the best app for rooted android phones. There are many tweaks available in this android which works with every android app which is available in your android phone. You can enjoy many tweaks like Remove License Verification, Remove Ads and it can also help you in removing system apps from your android phone. Lucky Patcher also allows users to create modified APK files of android apps which you have modified.

Using this app, you can easily move .obb file of your huge games into SD Card without any problem. What it does is creating a link to access the app that makes Android OS believe the app is really on phone storage, even if it is not.
Link2SD uses a secondary partition on your SD card and uses it as another segment of internal storage. Link2SD moves apk files, dalvik-cache (.dex) files, lib files and internal data files into this partition, which the OS mounts on boot, and creates a symbolic link in the original location. This retains the file structure that the system expects but with the bulk of the data moved to the SD card.

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If you are a gamer and loves to play heavy games on your android phone, then you should install GL Tools now. While playing heavy games, most of the gamers got frustrated with the slow rendering of the graphics. With GL Tools, The magic it does is to simply render the game as low as possible in order to make it run faster., you can enjoy high-end games without any kind of lag. According to it’s customers reviews GL Tools can boost the gaming performance by a large margin.

Wifi Protector is a Android security app specifically designed to detect and prevent ARP spoofing attacks against your phone in Wi-Fi networks.Wifi Protector is continuously monitoring network related parameters. When abnormal behavior is detected, an alert is triggered. The type of alert can be configured. Detection, basic protection and alert work on all phones. On rooted phones it is also possible to reconfigure the phone to make it immune against the attack.

Accidentally deleted your important data?? No worries! Dumpster can restore the data for you. It supports music, images and videos the most. But you can recover documents as well. Basically, Dumpster will act as a Recycle Bin of your android phone in which every deleted file of your android phone will go.
After installing Dumpster, you can’t delete files permanently with one click. It goes to the Dumpster recycle bin. You need to open the app and remove from there as well.

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